Now that the Covid vaccination programme is in full swing and restrictions are being lifted, it is time to meet up with friends and family and celebrate National BBQ Week! 2021 marks the Silver Anniversary: 25 Years of National BBQ Week. So, why not go barmy for a barbi?

200 Million BBQs in 2021

National BBQ Week is being celebrated from 5th to 18th July this year. But the occasion has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1997 when it was launched. National BBQ Week has not only helped to change our attitudes towards BBQing and summer eating, but has also helped to grow the BBQ market from 9 million to 150 million in 2020 – with 15 million BBQs being hosted over last year’s sunny Easter holidays. Despite the predicted inclement weather (boo), it looks like 200 million BBQs will be hosted this year.

Cure Leukaemia

This year’s National BBQ Week is supporting Cure Leukaemia, by raising much-needed funds through the ‘Barbi for Britain’ charity initiative. To lend your support for this fantastic charity, simply show off your grill skills with loved ones and raise vital funds for Cure Leukaemia while doing so. Ask your guests for an entry fee, then donate these monies to the Cure Leukaemia Barbi for Britain, Big Summer BBQ Just Giving Page.

All monies raised and donated to the Barbi for Britain initiative are invested in the blood cancer charity’s national Trials Acceleration Programme (TAP). TAP is a network of specialist nurses at 12 blood cancer centres located in the UK’s biggest cities.

BBQ Facts

Some interest tit-bits that you should know about better BBQing:

  1. Owing to various lockdowns, BBQ and at-home eating is now the UK’s number 1 summer home leisure activity. 3 out of 4 households now own some type of BBQ grill.
  2. In 2020, the UK became the leading BBQ European nation with 15 million being held over the 2020 Easter Bank Holiday alone.
  3. The overall BBQ and alfresco eating and entertaining market was worth just over £1.7 billion in 2020. This was up from £150 million in 1997.
  4. On average, £42.50 was spent on food and drink for a BBQ in 2020.
  5.  In 2020, approximately 31% of all BBQs contained a primary vegetarian or plant based dish.
  6. Chicken is the most popular food for a BBQ (19%), followed by burgers (18%) then sausages (14%).
  7. Gas remains the most popular choice of BBQ fuel (47%).
  8. Allegedly, around 250,000 people claim to have BBQ’ed their Christmas dinner!

Weber BBQs

PE1’s stores are filled with ideas to help you BBQ to perfection this National BBQ Week, as well as all the equipment you need to fire up a fantastic feast.

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