Easter provides the perfect opportunity to visit loved ones and feather your nest with chocolate treats. It’s also a great opportunity to get crafting!

Peterborough One Retail Park’s stores are choc-a-block with products and ideas to ensure your little ones have a shell-shocking Easter. In this week’s blog we feature a craft project to make sure you have a household of happy bunnies over the holidays!

About Easter

Easter is a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Easter and its related holidays are moveable feasts, meaning that they do not fall on a fixed date. It has come to be the first Sunday after the full moon that occurs on or soonest after 21st March.

Easter customs vary across the Christian world and include visiting church, decorating eggs, Easter hunts and exchanging gifts.

Interesting Easter Trivia

  • Every child in the UK receives an average of 8.8 Easter eggs every year.
  • When eating a chocolate Easter Bunny, 76% of people bite off the ears first!
  • Households spend an average of £75 on Easter each year.
  • The UK’s first chocolate egg was produced in 1873 by Fry’s of Bristol.

Bunny Bunting

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a bunny or two! Bunny bunting is an eggscellent craft project, serving to make your home look suitably hoppy for the half term holidays. Head to The Works in PE1 to get all the materials you need to make this crafty idea with your children.

You will need:

Selection of different cards
Bunny template – simply draw a simple rabbit shape onto card and cut out
Cotton Wool
Mini pegs


  1. Draw a simple rabbit shape onto card and cut it out. This will be your template.
  2. Place the template on your chosen card and draw around it. You will need to do this several times, depending on how many bunnies you want on your bunting. Cut each bunny out.
  3. Glue a pom pom onto each bunny, creating the effect of a fluffy tail.
  4. Measure out the correct length of string for your bunting, allowing for a 5cm gap in between each bunny.
  5. Affix each bunny to the ribbon/string using mini pegs.
  6. Hang your bunting and admire!

We’d love to see your finished Easter craft projects! Once complete, post them to our Facebook wall or to tweet us.

Have a cracking crafty Easter everyone!

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