With Easter Sunday 2021 set to fall on the 4th of April, it’s clear that once again, we’ll be spending yet another holiday in lockdown.

Many of our favourite activities and attractions remain closed, therefore it’s time to start thinking about fun things to do with your household over the school holidays! 

In this week’s blog, we’ve compiled a list of Easter activities you can do from the comfort of your own home and gifts available at PE1’s stores that are sure to give you some much-needed springtime cheer!

Easter Egg Hunt

Everyone loves an Easter Egg Hunt and best of all, it’s an activity you can enjoy from the confines of your house. Even if you live in a small flat, you can still hide a selection of chocolate eggs or themed toys! 

Here are some helpful hints and ideas for making an Easter Egg Hunt more fun:

If you have more than one child, you can hide multiple colours or types of chocolate. This means that your older children won’t discover them all first!

For older children, integrate exercise into the Easter egg hunt. Create a map that leads to various cryptic clues written on egg-shaped cards – these will compel your little ones to hop around the house like a bunny, or complete a series of star jumps to receive the reward of a tasty chocolate egg! 

Another fun ideas to shake things up a little bit and reverse the Egg Hunt. Let your children hide the eggs, whilst you try to find them! 

Easter Games at Home and in the Garden

Besides a classic Egg Hunt, there are many other great Easter games kids can play around the house! 

Why not try an Egg Toss? Using a boiled egg to minimise the mess, stand opposite each other and play catch with the egg! To make things harder, gradually move further apart until someone drops it. If the egg is dropped, but not broken, the teammate may pick it up, throw it back and consider themselves lucky to still be in the game!

Is there a more egg-citing activity than a classic Egg and Spoon Race? Establish a race route (ideally in your back garden), get the children to line up at the starting point, holding a spoon with an egg balanced on top. Once everyone is ready, shout “on your marks, get set, GO!” and let the race commence!  

Instead of racing, why not navigate around obstacles in your garden with an egg and spoon? Using tables, tunnels and over cushions, create an epic Egg Obstacle Course – an ideal activity for children who don’t have any sibling to race! 

Easter Gifts to Put in Your Basket

If you’re at a loss what to buy this Easter, we’ve gathered some of the best gift ideas available at our stores to help you make Easter in lockdown feel more like a special occasion. From tasty treats to creative crafts for the little ones; you name it – PE1 has it!

Fancy decor is essential for any Easter at home. Luckily Van Hage have a variety of stunning trinkets, including cute chick ornaments, Easter-themed egg cups and colourful egg decorations – complete with paints so you can add your own creative patterns!

Of course, no Easter is complete without scrumptious eggs; something Van Hage have a plentiful supply of. From delicious mini-eggs to delectable chocolate from your favourite brands, including; Kinder, Lindt and Butlers – this store truly has something for everyone! 

After your kids have eaten their body weight in chocolate and exhausted themselves racing around the garden, craft projects are the perfect way for little ones to unwind. The Works’ website have a huge selection on offer at excellent prices. 

Peterborough One

Don’t leave your Easter buying to the last minute – grab some goodies whilst shopping for your essentials! Our brilliant stores have everything you need to make Easter 2021 an unforgettable experience. 

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