Autumn is in the air – the days are getting shorter… that means Halloween is hiding right around the corner!

The question is – can we still celebrate the spookiest season of them all whilst in the midst of a global pandemic? Trick or treating and apple bobbing aren’t traditions one would immediately consider to be “COVID-safe”. Does this mean Halloween is cancelled this year?

Wear a mask!

Although engaging in any activity that increases your contact with other people automatically heightens potential risks – Dr Chris Smith, a virologist at the University of Cambridge, claims that it is still possible to enjoy Halloween safely. 

“Because it’s Halloween I’d say people are quite likely to be wearing a mask anyway so if they can make a face covering work it’s way into their costume then even better.”

Dr Chris Smith

Trick or Treat?

While health officials in the United States have gone as far as to disavow trick or treating during the pandemic – the UK Government has yet to comment on the practice. Dr Chris Smith told the BBC that the tradition could potentially take place – albeit in groups no larger than six, avoiding elderly or vulnerable neighbours and perhaps agreeing with desired households prior to the visit. 

COVID-19 can be spread by touching surfaces contaminated with the virus, as well as through droplets breathed in. Leaving unwrapped sweets in a bucket for multiple children to rummage through, heightens the risk of transmission from fingers to mouths. 

Giving out individually wrapped sweets reduces this risk, as children are no longer touching something that goes straight into their mouths. Van Hage have a range of demonic decorations to horrify your household this Halloween – including half term pot painting from October 26th to November 1st! Give your front garden a macabre make-over and leave treats outside your door, allowing kids to help themselves – this is the ideal way to share the fang-fantastic festivities whilst remaining safe. 

Spending Halloween at home

Of course – the safest alternative is to settle in for a haunting Halloween at home! Dress up, make costumes, or put on a crazy wig and invite your friends and family to a virtual costume party using one of many popular video chat apps!

Grab some Mega Glow Sticks & pick up the Create a Zombie Science Set from The Works – turn off the lights, and transform your living room into a mad scientist’s laboratory! Make your own zombie head, fill it with horrible slime and blood then mould a horrific bouncing eyeball! 

PE1’s zombie hunt!

Visit Peterborough One Retail Park and start preparing for 2020’s Halloween high-jinks! Keep your eyes open for members of the living dead, too. We’ve been informed by a certain Dr Van Helsing that six ghastly ghouls are planning to use PE1 as a stomping ground from the 24th of October until the 1st of November! 

Use Snapchat, hunt 6 virtual zombies and WIN £100 to spend at our stores! We look forward to welcoming budding zombie-hunters next week…

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