The New Year is a great time to focus on your health, organise your home, plan your finances and think about preparing your garden for spring.

Visualise how your garden will look

Much like December, January is the opportunity to visualise how your garden will look this year and where improvements can be made. It’s then up to you to put plans in place to ensure you have a glorious garden throughout 2018!

If your garden is already established, ascertain what areas you want to improve or where you’d like to include new additions. Why not head to Van Hage in PE1 to gain some inspiration and advice?


The wintry weather may deter you from venturing into your garden, but don’t let it! January is a great month to prune most deciduous trees and shrubs. You can also prune fruit trees and rose bushes, but be careful to avoid pruning any flowering plants.

Before pruning or cutting, make sure all your garden implements are sharp and clean. It’s also a good time to clear away any clutter that may have accumulated in either your garden, shed or garage.

Clearing out dead or dying plants, removes places for slugs and snails to hide – helping to reduce the number of critters keen to eat your flowers and plants!


Protection is an important part of keeping your garden in check. Keep pots and containers wrapped up to avoid any winter weather damage. Be sure that any outdoor furniture is also covered and/or stored, if it’s not already, to prevent it becoming wet and rusty.

You should also keep any soil covered. For the next couple of months, any bare areas of soil should be covered in leaf mulch – this requires little work and is a great way to protect the roots of established and flowering plants.


If your garden is looking sparse this time of year, try growing a winter-flowering evergreen clematis. You can also plant bare root roses – make sure you do this in a sunny position to ensure some stunning summer colour.

January is the opportunity to harvest your winter vegetables. If you indulged too much over the Christmas period, then use your homegrown veggies to make hearty and healthy soups. Carrots, cabbage, leeks and artichokes should be harvested this time of year.

To add some life to your vegetable patch, start to sow salad leaves, sprouting seeds and bulb onions. And why not start the process of growing tomatoes in your greenhouse?

With so much to consider and action in January, be sure to head to Van Hage in PE1 this month to browse and buy all you need to get your garden in tip top shape for the spring!

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