Houseplant Week takes place during the second week of January each year and provides the opportunity to celebrate indoor gardening and the benefits plants can bring to our environment, health and wellbeing.

From improving air quality to enhancing décor and aiding recovery from illness to lifting moods, these Instagram-worthy additions to our homes have all manner of benefits.

The Benefits of Houseplants

Research over the years has proven the numerous benefits of living and working in and around plant-populated greenspaces. These include:

Stress Busting

Having plants around can help to calm, sooth and comfort. In a study conducted by the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, two groups of people were assessed. One group was asked to re-pot a plant, the other was asked to complete a short computer-based task. The researchers monitored each group’s heart rate and blood pressure throughout. The results showed that the people working with plants had lower heart rates and lower blood pressure. Ultimately, working with or alongside plants can reduce stress.

Quicker Recovery Times

Spending time around plants can also help you recover quickly from an illness or injury. In a plant-based study conducted in the early 2000s, it was found that those who spent time recuperating around greenery and foliage spent far less time in hospital and needed less pain medication.

Increased Productivity

Other research conducted in the late 1990s, discovered that students in a computer laboratory worked 12% more efficiently when plants were in the room, than when they weren’t. Similar research showed that those in creative occupations found more inspiration and performed better when plants surrounded them.

Breathe Easy

Phytoremediation is the name given to the way plants can clean up contaminated air. Whilst a lot of plants would be required to match the purifying properties of specialised man-made filters, they certainly contribute to improving air quality. Plants that are particularly effective at this include spider plants, bamboo palms and ferns.

It is, however, important to select plants for your indoor space that are safe for children and pets. Some can be toxic!

Ultimately, incorporating plants into your home and any indoor space can make the environment a happier, healthier place.

Van Hage at PE1

For over 50 years Van Hage has established itself as a leading name in the garden and leisure industry, winning several prestigious awards.

With friendly and knowledgeable staff, innovative products and exciting seasonal attractions, Van Hage at PE1 is a familiar landmark for the local community and a welcome excursion for visitors from further afield.

Van Hage’s extensive range of indoor plants allows you to introduce a natural feel and eye-popping colour into your home environment. Why not take a trip to Van Hage this week to stock up on some leafy marvels including peace lilies with their graceful white spathes, aloe vera – the leaves of which are widely used in first aid remedies and cosmetics or a snake plant which looks great grown in metal or concrete containers for industrial chic!

Win £40 worth of plants

What’s more, in conjunction with Houseplant Week, Van Hage is giving you the chance to win a houseplant of your choice up to the value of £40. Simply head over to their Facebook page for more details and to enter.

The closing date for entries is 14th February.

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