This week is National Organising Week (NOW). The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO) conceived the awareness occasion in 2014 to help people organise their homes.

APDO President, Katherine Blackler, says: “National Organising Week is an exciting time for us, as the industry experts, to share our accrued knowledge and natural skills with the public to help you overcome organisational obstacles in your home and work. We’re on a mission to make everyday life that little bit easier for individuals, families and organisations. We love hearing how we’ve inspired people to change something for the better.”

Marie Kondo

Decluttering and organising has become a huge movement over recent times, led in part by the Japanese organising consultant Marie Kondo. Marie Kondo became active globally as an organising expert following the publication of her bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and subsequent translation into over 40 languages. Along with her other titles, her books have sold collectively over 13 million copies worldwide. In 2019, Netflix released Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, a reality show which was nominated for two Emmys and still enjoys immense popularity around the world.

Top Tips for Tidying

Along with increased popularity for organising and decluttering, the impact of Covid19 has impacted on our lifestyles. Many are spending more time at home and using space differently: as a shelter, a work or study location, a reduced socialising space and more. Being organised is a key skill that can help everyone make the most of the current challenges.

The benefits of organisation include:

  • a calmer mind
  • greater productivity
  • improved time management
  • revitalised relationships
  • increased creativity

With this in mind, here are some top tips to achieve a decluttered, more organised environment:

Get Shredding

If you keep paper bank statements, it’s a good idea to bin them after a year. By shredding or carefully disposing of this old paperwork, you’ll be amazed at how much space it will free up.

Turn Over a New Leaf

You probably have a lot of books at home that you’ve already read and won’t read again. So, instead of them collecting dust and taking up space on bookshelves and in cupboards, why not donate them to a charity shop? Or earn some extra pennies by selling them online or at a car boot sale.

Get Rid of Garments

Be ruthless with your wardrobe! The average person only wears 20% of their clothes on a regular basis, so why not give your closet an overhaul? Again, bag them up for charity shops or sell them online.

Step To It

As with our clothes, many of us keep hold of shoes and boots that we never wear. Spend some time deciding what footwear you use regularly and which you don’t. Get rid of the rest.

Crockery Clear Out

How much crockery and cutlery do you need? Ten varieties of dinner plates and five identical frying pans aren’t necessary! Sell those that you don’t need or give them to family members – especially those that are just starting out or are at university.

Past Their Best

Decluttering your kitchen cupboards can be quite cathartic! Check all jars, packets and tins and dispose of any food items that are past their best or out-of-date.

A Fresh Start

Get to grips with that cupboard under the sink. If you hoard cloths, empty bottles and multiple cleaning products, have a good sort out and only keep what you need. Remember to recycle wherever possible.

Cash In The Attic

Lofts and attics can be convenient places to store items but can quickly get full. Check your loft regularly and discard, give away or sell any items that you’re unlikely to use again.

Clean Up

Almost-empty bottles of shampoo, shower gel, deodorant and hairspray can accumulate over time. Try to empty containers completely before buying/starting new ones.

Decluttering bathroom cabinets is a good idea, helping to free up some space. Be mindful, however, of discarding out-of-date medicines carefully and properly. Expired prescription medicines can be returned to a pharmacy or doctors’ surgery.

The Works at PE1

Selling more than 40,000 different products every year, The Works appeals to anyone looking for wide variety at great value prices. The Works at PE1 has a range of items in-store to help you declutter and organise your home and work life, including desk diaries, calendars, storage boxes and books such as “The Bullet-Point Life Planner” by Wendy Hobson and “Practical Princess Perfect Wardrobe: Declutter and Re-Jig Your Closet to Transform Your Life” by Elika Gibbs.

Pay The Works a visit this week to kick-start your organisation!

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