National Storytelling Week takes place from 30th January to 6th February. It is the opportunity to explore children’s imaginations, support their creativity and enhance confidence levels when it comes to literacy.

The Society for Storytelling

The Society for Storytelling (SFS) organises and promotes National Storytelling Week. The Society organised the awareness week to promote the ancient form of regaling knowledge for educational and recreational reasons. It is the perfect time to embrace folklore, mythology, spirits, fantasy fiction and anything that can evoke excitement and enjoyment via imagination.

The Importance of Reading

According to one of the biggest ever studies into reading, children who are weak readers will struggle as much in maths and science at school as they do in English and in arts subjects. Hence why National Storytelling Week can help to overcome this issue.

The findings in this recent study called Read All About It, show that while there is a significant connection between reading ability and success in all GCSE subjects, the link between good reading and good grades is actually higher in maths than in some arts subjects like English literature and history.

The study also found that a quarter of all 15-year-olds have a reading age of 12 or below, and that the reading ability gap between boys and girls widens significantly after primary school.

GL Assessment

The Read All About It study was conducted by GL Assessment – the largest provider of formative assessments to UK schools. It specialises in assessments that help to reveal students’ potential, track their progress and identify any barriers to learning they might have.

The Read All About It study analysed reading abilities and GCSE results of more than 370,000 secondary school students. As well as the surprising link between maths and reading, it also discovered that doing well in creative subjects such as art, drama, music, media and PE has very strong correlations to a student’s reading ability, underscoring how ‘text heavy’ and challenging these subjects are too.

Crispin Chatterton, Director of Education at GL Assessment, says: “Our analysis makes clear how important it is for children to be good readers. Students who have poor reading skills will find it more difficult to access wide swathes of their GCSE courses – and those who lack subject specific language skills, which are difficult to acquire if students don’t have good reading skills, will be doubly disadvantaged.”

The Works at PE1

To help encourage your child’s literacy and storytelling ability, why not head to The Works at PE1 this National Storytelling Week? The Works sells over one million products every week to consumers looking for a bargain. It appeals to anyone looking for a wide variety of reading material at great value prices. You can find many big brands at low prices in The Works, along with a great range of own-branded products.

To view their range of books. 

You can also encourage your children to engage in storytelling by visiting your local library and renting different books, as most libraries have great choice.

Find your nearest library.


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