May is National Walking Month and Living Streets, the national charity that works to create safe, attractive and enjoyable streets, is encouraging people to get out and walk.

Walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get healthier. So, dig out those walking shoes and get started!

The Benefits of Walking

Being active helps reduce your risk of developing a heart or circulatory condition, as well as having a stroke, type 2 diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis.

In addition to these amazing health benefits, here are some other reasons to get outside and walk:

  • Feel more energetic
  • Get a healthier body shape and appearance
  • Control your weight
  • Feel less stressed
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Sleep more easily
  • Enjoy your surroundings
  • Meet people and make new friends through walking groups
  • Save money

Walk Peterborough

Head to Peterborough One this month and enjoy walking in and around our park, shops and businesses. With an array of exciting sights, fashions, homeware and sweet treats, whiling away several hours is a cinch!

Following on from a stroll around PE1, why not seek more venue inspiration from Walk Peterborough? Walk Peterborough is a new website set up to encourage people to explore the green spaces in the local area.

Users can get the most out of their walks with a special guided tour, follow different routes and see photos and commentary as they go.

Whether you’re looking to explore Peterborough’s cultural and heritage sites, enjoy family-friendly days out or find dog-friendly walks, there’s something for everyone. You can also choose a walking distance to suit your preferences.

Walks include Peterborough Cathedral town centre and River Nene walk, the Grimshaw Flower Walk, the Orton Waterville Walk and the Lynch Wood Health Walk.

Visit to find out more.

Living Streets

For this year’s National Walking Month, Living Streets have introduced a pledge called #Try20. Throughout May, Living Streets are suggesting 20 fun and easy ways to fit 20 minutes’ walking into your day. These are:

TIP 1 – Invite friends and family to walk with you
TIP 2 – Try a walking meeting
TIP 3 – Have food exclusion zone
TIP 4 – Walk to or from work
TIP 5 – Get snap happy with your camera while walking
TIP 6 – Take the long cut
TIP 7 – Walk to the local shops
TIP 8 – Try a scavenger hunt
TIP 9 – Have a family adventure
TIP 10 – Walk to school
TIP 11 – Wear some ‘happy shoes’ to encourage you
TIP 12 – Go ahead and treat yourself!
TIP 13 – Lunch alfresco, not ‘aldesko’
TIP 14 – Take a romantic promenade
TIP 15 – Embark on a mindful meander
TIP 16 – Kill two birds with one stone, by doing errands while walking
TIP 17 – Prepare for the weather
TIP 18 – Go to visit someone and make their day
TIP 19 – Power walk to the finish
TIP 20 – Share your highlights to encourage others

For more information about these 20 ideas and the #Try20 campaign, visit the Living Streets website.

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