Health Club™ is Pets Corner’s unique animal nutrition program. An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to all sorts of problems for pets, including bad skin, weight problems and, most importantly, heart disease.

Therefore, it’s important to ensure your furry friends are as healthy as possible and that’s where Health Club comes in.

Pets Corner Expertise

Check your pet’s weight for free in-store at Pets Corner in PE1 and, if they’re over or underweight, then one of the staff in-store can help you get them back in shape through a combination of diet and exercise.

Pets Corner is the only chain of pet stores to classroom train all of its staff in animal nutrition, so you can get the right advice, every time.


Like fast food, the lower quality brands that spend more money on TV advertising tend to be the most popular – but the Pets Corner staff only recommend foods with good nutritional values.

If you have an overweight pet, please have a look at the ingredients of your usual pet food. In particular, look out for these:

  • Various sugars/caramel: If your pet does not lead a particularly active lifestyle, then a high sugar diet will lead to a fatter animal. Their breath won’t smell too nice either!
  • Meat and animal derivatives: If a food cannot specify what it contains, how can you possibly know what you’re feeding your pet? Premium foods are much more specific, so you can be sure of their quality.
  • Tasty can mean too salty: A particular food may seem delicious to your pet, but this is often due to large amounts of added sugar and salt. Pets Corner stocks many brands of pet foods that have much higher quality ingredients, giving them great flavour that pets love.


If you need to lose weight it’s usually time to go to the gym. The most effective way for your pet to lose weight is through a combination of regular exercise and the right diet as well.

When you feed your pets, the food gives them energy, if this energy isn’t used up through exercise, then your pet may get fat. You need to find the right balance of exercise to burn off this energy.

For dog owners, this may mean adding an extra short walk to your usual regime. Cats can be exercised too – adding 10 minutes of physical play to your cat’s routine can make all the difference.


If you would like any advice on your pet’s lifestyle then ask a member of staff in-store at Pets Corner in PE1. Even if your pet is not overweight, a change in diet could prevent other health problems from developing – particularly skin ailments.

All Pets Corner’s staff are fully trained in animal care and nutrition and are always pleased to share their knowledge. So, ask about Pets Corner’s Health Club™ in-store today!

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