Has a puppy recently joined your family? Or are you thinking about buying/adopting a pint-sized pooch? If so, you could benefit from the Pets Corner Puppy Hour which has returned in-store on Saturday mornings.

The popular free sessions that take place at Pets Corner in PE1 each Saturday are designed for you and your puppy to enjoy a safe space to socialise with other dogs and dog owners. Whether your dog is anxious or over-excited, the hour is designed to help them gain confidence. There are areas dedicated to younger dogs, a place for obedience training and a controlled play area where your dog can practice recall. The Pets Corner academy-trained staff are on hand to offer advice throughout the sessions, plus you’ll receive 10% off all purchases for your dog during the session – as well as free treats!

Why is it important to Socialise?

Socialising a dog means getting him or her used to the world around them, while still acknowledging their owner. It is important that our dogs give us their full attention, no matter what else is going on in the wider environment. This is to keep them, us and others safe.

Puppies can be scared and intimidated of things they haven’t encountered before, so it is important for them to be exposed to new experiences carefully and sensitively. Dogs can become fearful again around the onset of puberty, this is something for owners to be aware of. It is important, however, that you should never force your puppy or dog to confront their fears – this could lead to them distrusting you.

Helping your puppy to meet and greet other dogs is important. Excited advances of a young dog to an adult dog can cause the latter to snap or react negatively. One bad lesson can be all that is necessary for your puppy to turn from an exuberant dog into a fearful or reactive canine. It is imperative to socialise your puppy in a safe space, such as Puppy Hour, as your dog needs expert knowledge, careful observation and appropriate intervention.

It is also important to protect your puppy from overbearing advances from other dogs and people when you are out and about. This can be done by stepping in between the person/dog and your puppy, blocking their path and making sure they look and communicate with you first, rather than your dog. Ask the person to crouch down and allow your puppy to approach them if it wants to. By keeping encounters positive and short, the puppy’s focus will come back to you. This can be aided with a toy or some treats. If you do use treats, however, ensure that these are from your dog’s daily food rations.

Beware of other people feeding or playing with your puppy when socialising. This could lead to your puppy running excitedly to everyone they encounter, expecting fun or food.

Please note that the above are some suggestions on how to train your puppy, but there are many other approaches available. Pets Corner are best placed to offer professional advice and can recommend various ways to train your four-legged friend.

Pets Corner Puppy Hour Sessions

The Pets Corner Puppy Hour sessions take place on Saturdays between 9.30am and 10.30am and are dedicated to dogs under 18 weeks of age.

To request a place, ask in-store or visit petscorner.co.uk/puppy-hour.

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