At Pets Corner in PE1, they believe that all businesses have a responsibility to give back to the communities around them.

As an ethical British business, they pay all their taxes and give 4% of their annual profits to worthy causes each year.

Unwanted Pet Food

Many large supermarkets throw away damaged or unwanted pet food. Pets Corner see this as a terrible waste.

If a bag of pet food is unsaleable, because it looks scruffy or because it’s been returned uneaten, Pets Corner will donate the food to a local animal charity.

Pets Corner give more than 5 tonnes of unsaleable food and associated products to charities each year.

If you know of any animal welfare charities that could benefit from this support, be sure to mention them to staff in-store next time you visit.

Pets Corner’s Charities

Pets Corner’s Local & National Charities

Charities that benefit from Pets Corner’s support include:

Canine Partners

£60,000 has been donated by Pets Corner to Canine Partners to date. Canine Partners provide help to countless people overcoming life limiting conditions through the provision of highly trained assistance dogs.

These amazing canine companions are able to do things like pick up keys, retrieve groceries, take on household chores and seek help in an emergency. They give their owners the freedom to live independently.

Find out more about this charity via their website:

Pets Corner’s Charities

Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund

Rabbits are one of the most neglected pets in the UK with, sadly, 65,000 given to rescue centres each year. Often, people haven’t fully considered the responsibility of owning a rabbit or been given the correct advice for taking care of them.

Pets Corner work alongside the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund to stop the illegitimate and unregulated sale of rabbits online.

In-depth classroom training programmes ensure that all staff at Pets Corner have the knowledge to expertly advise their customers on how to care for rabbits properly.

Find out more about this charity via their website:

Pets Corner’s Charities

Sullivan’s Heroes

As well as animal charities, Pets Corner also contribute to children’s charities – one of which is Sullivan’s Heroes. Sullivan’s Heroes provides fundraising support for families raising essential funds towards home adaptations for disabled children.

Financial grants and support from Sullivan’s Heroes help families to create the best environment possible in order to care for their child/children at home, and to do so with safety and with dignity.

Find out more about this charity via their website:

Pets Corner’s Charities

Next time you visit Pets Corner at PE1, ask for more details about these charities and how you can help support them.

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