November is World Vegan Month. In conjunction with this awareness occasion, why not pledge to make one meal a day either vegetarian or vegan?

This ‘Veg Pledge’ is being suggested by the Cool Food initiative – an initiative instigated by Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT).

Make Small Changes, See Big Reductions

Globally the process of cultivating, growing, harvesting and transporting food causes almost a third of the world’s carbon emissions. By making small changes to our own diets, when combined with other people’s food commitments, we can achieve big reductions and help to slow down the rate of climate change.

The Cool Food initiative by PECT, aims to take a bite out of climate change by encouraging people to make small changes to their diet and food shopping habits. One way in which you can do this is to pledge online at to opt for more meat and fish-free meals. If you swap out one meal a day to make it vegetarian or vegan, this could save more than 2kg of carbon per day.

In terms of the food we eat, consuming meat and fish has the biggest impact on our environment. We’re not asking people to give up animal products entirely, instead we’re just recommending that you reduce your consumption and source local, ethical and organic products where possible to help tackle climate change.Karen Igho, PECT’s Health and Wellbeing Lead

At the heart of Cool Food is an online tool, designed to recommend and capture commitments to change food habits. The tool helps users to identify and record the financial and environmental benefits of their changes to help motivate long-term positive behaviour change.

Pledge to Make your Own Meals

In addition to the 2kg of carbon a day veggie/vegan challenge, you can also pledge to make your own meals. Introduce dairy-free days, reduce food waste, cut your tea and coffee intake, swap soft drinks for water and buy local, seasonal and organic.

You can reduce your carbon footprint in three easy steps:

  • Choose your commitments (one or more)
  • Measure the impact
  • Connect with the Cool Food community

The latter can provide support, hints and tips to help you reach your target.

You can pledge online today at and record your progress.

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