On Thursday the 5th of November, England entered a state of lockdown for the second time as the country battles a surge in coronavirus cases. While the Prime Minister has insisted that the new measures would not mark a return to the “full-scale” shutdown seen in the spring – the general message has remained the same; stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives. 

Similar to the first lockdown, a small handful of ‘essential stores’ are allowed to stay open, including supermarkets, pharmacies and garden centres. The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has issued a statement saying it intends to keep its garden centres open “to ensure that people can continue to garden and grow plants, indoors and outdoors”.

Peterborough One

For customers to shop at our essential retailers, PE1 will remain open throughout the lockdown.

Our stores currently open are:

  • Van Hage Garden Centres
  • Maidenhead Aquatics 
  • Pets Corner 

Van Hage are preventing overcrowding by limiting the number of baskets and trolleys in circulation at any given time. This means that you may have to wait to enter, therefore might find it easier to visit at quieter times, e.g. from 9 am to 10.30am, or at the end of the day. A click and collect service is also available for those unable to visit. 

Pets Corner have also implemented a twice-daily cleaning of all contact surfaces, hourly staff hand washing and limitations on the numbers of people in their store to allow for adequate social distancing. Their next-day delivery service available on their website, is free for first time customers or if you spend over £39. 

Keeping you safe

The well-being of our customers and staff is of the utmost importance. Understanding the severity of the crisis, our stores have gone above and beyond the proposed government guidelines to ensure that PE1 is a safe environment to shop and work. We ask you all to play your part and your cooperation is appreciated.

When you visit during lockdown, please work with us to keep you, your family, your fellow shoppers and our wonderful staff safe by following our safety guidelines. Please respect social distancing and refrain from visiting if you show any symptoms of the virus. 

The situation will be reviewed on a daily basis and we will actively communicate any changes with you via our website and social media pages. In the meantime, we hope all stay safe and look forward to welcoming everyone back next month!

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