In March, Cancer Research UK is inviting people to Walk All Over Cancer by walking 10,000 steps each day to raise money for life-saving research.

Whether you walk to work, take up jogging or choose to stroll rather than drive, the money you raise will help bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.

10,000 Steps Each Day

Based on an average person’s stride, 10,000 steps equate to 5 miles (8 kilometres). So that means, by the end of March, you would have walked 150 miles. This is the distance between London to Manchester or Paris to Brussels!

There are plenty of ways you can achieve this number of steps; make it part of your daily commute, use the stairs rather than the lift, take the family for a long walk at the weekend or add a few more dog walks to the daily mix.

To keep count of your steps, simply use a pedometer. Alternatively, your smartphone will have lots of free apps that will automatically monitor your steps as you go. Cancer Research UK has also put together a handy wallchart where you can detail your achievements.

Sign up to Walk All Over Cancer.

Could you go even further and walk 20,000 steps a day? If you’re already a super stepper and want to push yourself, you can take on the ultimate challenge of 20,000 steps! Sign up for this challenge.

The Benefits of Walking

By taking part in Walk All Over Cancer, not only will you be helping to raise funds for cancer research, you’ll also be benefiting personally. The benefits of walking include:

  1. Saving Money: By giving the elbow to a car, train or bus, you will save on travel expenditure
  2. Weight Management: Regular walking helps you to keep your weight in check and also tones and strengthens muscles
  3. Stress Reduction: Walking is a great way to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life. Exercise-induced endorphins put you in a better mood!
  4. Lowers Blood Pressure: Being active helps to reduce blood pressure. This, in turn, lowers your risk of heart problems
  5. Improves Sleep: Adding more activity to your day can improve your quality of sleep
  6. Saving the Planet: You can do your bit for climate change by choosing to walk rather than use transport that produces carbon emissions

Breast Cancer Care Shop – PE1

You can also help support those affected by cancer by donating your unwanted items to the Breast Cancer Care Shop at PE1.

The shop is keen to receive men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and accessories that are in good condition. They also need jewellery, unwanted gifts in their original packaging and any unusual items that you think may sell. Regretfully, they can’t accept underwear, used electrical items, used bedding, soft furnishings, books and CDs (unless they are rare items).

All profits from the sale of items in the shop will help Breast Cancer Care’s work to support people affected by breast cancer, including their families and loved ones. This means that any donations of clothes and accessories from you will make a real difference.

For more details about Walk All Over Cancer.

For more details about Breast Cancer Care.


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