Skiing and snowboard holidays are the perfect break away – stunning scenery and magnificent mountain air.

However, it’s important to remember that skiing and snowboarding are active sports and, while you’re jumping and sliding, your clothing choice can make or break a holiday! Read on for top tips for what to wear on the slopes:

Ski Socks

Ski socks aren’t just about colourful patterns, they provide comfort and warmth to ensure that you’re don’t face the wrath of Jack Frost.

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Wicking Underwear

Whilst you may be used to cotton, wicking underwear is the way forward when skiing or snowboarding. Not only does it dry faster than cotton, but it also draws sweat away from the skin – making sure you’re fresh and raring to go.

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Thermal Base Layer

For harsh temperatures, a thermal base layer is a must-have. Merino wool base layers, in particular, retain insulation even when wet. Cotswold Outdoor stock some of the best around!

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Mid Layers/Fleeces

Mid layer clothing and fleeces are what trap in body heat – essential when you’re up the side of a mountain! Ranging from tight-fitting to free-flowing, there are plenty to choose from at Cotswold Outdoor.

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Ski Jacket

Whatever sport your performing on the slopes, you’ll need a ski jacket. Something water-resistant and breathable are the most important factors. All quality jackets should have synthetic or down insulation for added warmth.

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Ski Pants

Ski pants need to be waterproof and have good insulation, along with zipped ventilation. Pockets can be a useful addition too.

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Backpacks are handy accessories while on a skiing and/or snowboarding holiday. They should have sufficient capacity, plenty of pockets and useful compartments. A combination of shoulder, chest and waist straps will help improve security and improve the fit when wearing the bag.

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A good hat is another critical piece of clothing when you’re high on a mountain, chilling on decking at lunch or walking around the village after a hard day’s ski. You can have a lot of fun with hats, so don’t be scared to get creative!

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Waterproof Gloves

Holding a ski pole with frozen hands isn’t an easy task! Make sure your gloves are up to scratch and have a waterproof construction with insulation technology.

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Ski Goggles

Make sure you have well-made ski goggles for your holiday, including different lenses for all conditions. Interchangeable lenses are available with most goggles brands nowadays. Top tip – take your helmet with you when buying goggles to make sure they sit right, without a gap in between the two.

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Ski Helmet

A ‘must have’ amongst many skiers and boarders. Helmets come in all shapes and sizes, so if you are planning on buying one, make sure it sits nice and snug on your head with decent ventilation for breathability.

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This blog is adapted from an essentials list from the Ski Club of Great Britain.

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