With Autumn just around the corner, it’s time to think about cosy autumnal evenings at home. And what better way to make your home even cosier, than with a Yankee Candle!

Van Hage in PE1 stock a wide range of scentsational offerings from this well-known brand, with the likes of ‘Soft Blanket’, ‘Lemon Lavender’ and ‘Vanilla Cupcake’ gracing the shelves.

Yankee Candle’s History

In 1969, just before Christmas, a 16-year-old boy called Mike Kittredge was looking for gift inspiration for his mother. He decided to make a candle for her, concluding it would be a unique and personal present.

Using materials he found around the home; household wax, a red crayon, string and a milk carton, he created his first candle.

Upon a visit to the family home, a neighbour saw the candle and offered to buy it. This left Mike with enough money to buy more materials to create more in the family kitchen.

After much success, Mike was able to open a small retail shop with the help of his father. And in 1974, the first scented apothecary style jar hit the market.

From these humble beginnings, Yankee Candle has grown to become a worldwide brand, expanding from America into Europe and beyond. In 2002, Yankee Candle opened its first UK retail store in Worthing.

The company now employs more than 6,000 skilled, dedicated workers around the world.

You can find its stores, stockists and authorised retailers in more than 575 locations and its popular candles, fragrances and accessories are available at over 35,000 locations – including Van Hage at Peterborough One Retail Park.

Best Selling Candles

Currently, the UK is the biggest market for scented candles in Europe and, in 2010, Yankee Candle became the UK’s number one selling scented candle brand. But, why do so many people wax lyrical about its products?

Yankee Candle has a huge passion for the highest quality of fragrance. Craftmanship has been passed down through the generations and has become part of its heritage.

It rigorously tests and reviews all its fragrances. Many cheaper versions only have fragrance on the top layer of the wax, whereas Yankee Candles have scent throughout the entire candle.

The company also has a long-standing commitment to sustainability, promoting socially responsible practices to make sure that its candles continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.

But, most importantly of all, every single Yankee Candle smells divine!

Images: Yankee Candle (Facebook)

Why not take a trip to Van Hage in PE1 to discover (and smell) the extensive range of Yankee Candles and associated accessories? It’s time to bring a little more warmth into your home this Autumn!

Featured/banner image: Yankee Candle (Facebook)

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